Welcome to Pro-Datascience, where Innovation and technology meet Experience and Expertise and together they convert data into meaningful insights within seconds.


We at Pro-Datascience, have used our several years of experience to build products and services that provide you comfort in using your data to give meaningful insights and help build strategies that aid business growth.

Pro – Data Science Products

Pro-Data Science Products are 

  • User centric – These products are designed as per end-user perspective. The product addresses their specific needs and pain points. The intuitive interface and functionality are based on users behavior, preferences and challenges faced by them
  • Refined – These products ensure fine balance between plenty of choice and end outcome. 
  • Thoroughly tested – before being rolled out to end users. the product performance is thoroughly tested  in real-world scenarios. This minimizes the chances of errors or malfunctioning when the product is released to users.


These products are bound to revolutionize consumption of data for analysis or predictive modeling purposes. 


Additionally, we are committed for continuous improvement and will ensure that product remains aligned with evolving user needs and technological advancements over time. 


We proudly present two cutting-edge software solutions tailored to elevate your data-driven endeavors – one specializing advanced machine learning (Extreme ML) and the other in in immersive data visualization (Insta Visualizer).


Extreme ML: has human and artificial intelligence plugged in together. Building Scorecards and Models using the Machine Learning algorithms in the space of Supervised and Unsupervised Learnings is a pleasure. The myriad steps of data reading, fine classing/ coarse classing, variable selection, tackling multi-collinearity etc. run smoothly without any manual intervention and build the models for various stages of customer lifecycle at the click of a few buttons.


Insta-Visualizer : where visualization gets created using AI.  Just connecting the data from a source creates a myriad of beautiful charts, cross-tabs, automated anomaly detection and visuals that provide insights on various facts and measures for a variety of dimensions. As the saying goes “A picture speaks a thousand words“.  And this product truly depicts this as soon as the relevant data is uploaded. It allows user to analyze all the columns and their relationships using GUI.


Both the products are No-code solutions.

Extreme-ML - An instant leap in ML usage

Pro – Data Science Consultancy Services

Setting Ourselves Apart:


Our consultancy stands out due to our unwavering dedication to authenticity and transparency in all facets of our operations. Our commitment to delivering exceptional value is rooted in several key principles that define our approach:


Our Commitment to Authenticity and Transparency
  • Hands-On Expertise: Leveraging our extensive firsthand experience in data science within the financial sector, we pledge direct involvement and substantive contributions throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Senior-Level Involvement: Unlike certain management consultancies that initially showcase senior figures but delegate tasks to junior staff, our team of experts introduced at project initiation remains actively engaged in driving the project forward.

Assurance of Substantive Engagement
  • Beyond Collation Tasks: Our commitment extends far beyond basic idea collation and presentation. We guarantee in-depth participation in every project phase, ensuring high-quality output and tailored strategic insights.

  • Selectivity in Projects: Focusing on a select number of projects allows us to provide genuine contributions, ensuring that each client benefits from the seasoned expertise and insights of our professionals.

Delivering Quality Through Dedication
  • Direct Client Benefit: We ensure that each client receives the full benefit of our team’s insights and experience by dedicating ourselves to projects where we can genuinely contribute.


Drawing from our extensive experience in setting up systems for large corporates, we are poised to be your strategic partner in business intelligence design, campaign management solution design, automation, knowledge management solution, and more.

Our consultancy services encompass a spectrum of offerings, including expert guidance in system design, implementation, and optimization.

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