Insta-Visualizer : Visualization powered by AI

Is it really possible?

That you upload data and

  1. Dashboard gets ready, where all the variables are available for exploratory data analysis.
  2. All major techniques of exploratory data analysis is readily available for all types of variables.
  3. Variables relationship can easily be discovered.
  4. All the variables are available for filtration.
  5. The cross tab and anomaly detection is automated.

Seems too much, is not it? Now contact us for demo and see it from your own eyes. 

1 Minute Introduction video

Insta Visualizer Benefits

Introducing a groundbreaking software tool that redefines the landscape of visualization. Developed to streamline and enhance traditional practices, our innovation stands as a testament to efficiency, precision, and user-friendly operation.

This cutting-edge tool not only challenges the norms but surpasses them, enabling users to achieve scientific excellence effortlessly – all without the need for coding. We have meticulously crafted an interface that caters to both seasoned professionals and newcomers, ensuring a mistake-proof experience.

Our software boasts a unique combination of power and simplicity, backed by years of expertise distilled into an intuitive platform. Users benefit from a seamless journey through data exploration, analysis, and  accompanied by specific help at their fingertips. This tool doesn’t just break barriers; it revolutionizes the way we approach data science.

As a testament to our commitment to innovation, a patent has been filed and published for this remarkable creation. While it undergoes examination, we invite you to witness a paradigm shift in data-driven processes. Embrace a future where complexity meets simplicity, and excellence becomes effortlessly attainable.


Please see video presentation about the tool below.