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To be the forefront leader in the data science industry, Pro-Data Science envisions a world where our clients thrive through our innovative products that employ AI/ML, expert consultancy services, and comprehensive education programs.
  • To provide our clients the ease of extracting meaningful insights from data and to help them build complex AI/ML models swiftly with minimal manual efforts in order to enable them implement optimized strategies and take better decisions
  • To train and coach A Million Data Science Professionals to bridge the supply/demand gap in the field and thus make meaningful impact on society

Customer First

  We walk the path that says “Customer Is King”

Innovation and Speed

  We believe in providing Innovative and Excellent Solutions and exhibiting Speed in our execution.

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  We believe in honest communication and deal with Integrity without compromising on Product Quality

Leadership Team


Gopal Prasad Malakar is a distinguished Analytics professional with over 22 years of industry experience, demonstrating a relentless commitment to pioneering analytics, data science, decision strategy, and enterprise-wide data-driven decision-making culture.


Throughout his career, Gopal has been instrumental in shaping impactful strategies within various domains, leveraging his expertise in analytics to drive business success. His notable roles include:


  • Collections Analytics: At GE Capital (2001-2004) and Zenta (2005-2006), Gopal led pioneering initiatives in collections analytics, devising strategies that significantly optimized collections, recovery rates, and operational efficiency.

  • Risk Analytics: During his tenure at Neural Technology (2004-2005) and Citi Group Global Services (2006-2010), Gopal spearheaded innovative predictive model building projects, contributing to the development of robust risk management frameworks by creating models that were instrumental in mitigating potential risks.

  • Marketing Analytics: His extensive tenure at SBI Card (2010-2023) was marked by transformative contributions in marketing analytics. A visionary leader, Gopal played a pivotal role in instilling a culture of data-driven decision-making within organizations he served. He tirelessly demonstrated and encouraged team members for the practical usage of business intelligence systems, predictive models, and analytical solutions throughout the year, employing practical use case scenarios to diverse audiences and guiding them in interpreting the outcomes effectively. This played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of impactful data products, directly impacting profitability and market positioning.


His profound commitment to ensuring quality solutions and driving maximum impact through solution adoption underscores his leadership. Gopal is a staunch advocate for continuous skill enhancement, focusing on delivering training programs that offer comprehensive understanding and practical applicability.


His expansive expertise encompasses diverse areas such as credit scoring, loss forecasting, business intelligence systems, and database application development. Throughout his career, Gopal has consistently delivered high-impact solutions that have stood the test of time, driving sustained value for the organizations he has served.

Chief Business Officer

Rajesh Davar is an eminent Analytics professional with around 30 years of industry experience in Manufacturing and Financial Services sectors. Rajesh holds Post-graduate degree in Operational Research from University of Delhi. He was a University Rank holder and also recipient of National Merit Scholarship.


He is a seasoned professional with wide-industry experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Process Improvement, System Analysis, design, development and Risk Management. He is Six-Sigma Green-Belt Certified and has good knowledge of softwares like SAS, Python, Tableau, TensorFlow, Keras, MS-Access, AnswerTree, MS-Office, Visual Basic.


Rajesh has worked in Leadership Roles in GE Capital, SBI Cards, KPMG, CitiFinancial, Hero Fincorp, Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited and Aditya Birla Capital Limited. During his stints in GE and Citi, he worked with cross-functional and multi-cultural teams from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and USA.


He has built and led teams to perform Descriptive, Predictive, Diagnostic and Prescriptive Analytics and built optimal strategies to ensure profitable growth of Businesses. He has led teams for conceptualization, Development, Implementation and Continuous Monitoring of Acquisition, Behaviour, Fraud, Cross-sell and Collections Models using Alternate data and Machine Learning and Data Science concepts like Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forests and Support Vector Machines. Apart from having corporate executive experience, Rajesh has interests in coaching, guiding and mentoring people and he has also delivered lectures on data analytics to students of MBA Institutes and online universities.


Rajesh has delivered high quality projects spanning entire credit life cycles of customers and is a staunch proponent of continuous improvement through use of latest tools and technologies.

Chief Administrative Officer

Aditi Pratap Sampat has completed her Masters in Statistics from University of Mumbai. She has worked in the Billing Promotions Team of the Credit Card Marketing Analytics vertical of GE Capital International Services, Bangalore. Subsequently, she set up the Data analysis vertical in Oracle India.


She joined Morgan Stanley Advantage Services in the Collateral Analysis Team of the vertical of Fixed Income division. She has tremendous knowledge about Risk pricing of Home loans of the Secondary Mortgage Market of USA and Russia. She has worked extensively on Subprime and Non-performing loans and securitization of such loans.


She has worked on Six Sigma Green belt project, the impact resulted in tremendous cost saving for GE Capital.


She has authored and prepared Video lectures for Packt Publishing Limited on SAS – SAS Programming in 7 Steps.


In her spare time, she enjoys Hindustani and Carnatic classical music and Kathak Classical dance, travel and learning new unexplored subjects.

High-Quality Video Content in courses


The tutorials of this portal are high-quality videos specifically crafted for online courses. Unlike traditional classroom recordings or direct coding tries, our concise videos are meticulously designed to present complex material efficiently. Expect detailed explanations, clear code demonstrations, reference material, and deep dives into practical applications.


Every video is meticulously created to ensure ease of understanding, offering not just syntax but practical usage in real-world industrial scenarios.

Course Offerings


The courses of this portal are designed to provide

  • Domain Knowledge -Business understanding and application of data science in the area of
    • Risk,
    • Collections and
    • Marketing functions
  • Master Execution skills –
    • Data Analysis and Data Science using
      • Python
      • SAS
      • R
      • Excel 
    • Automation using
      • SAS Macros
      • Excel VBA
  • Master Machine learning algorithm
    • Supervised machine learning
    • Unsupervised machine learning
    • Time series analysis
  • Simplified explanation of statistics, giving good foundation of analytics
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